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When it comes to reactions tests our new Batak is the latest and greatest perfect for exhibitions and events due to its compact size stylish looks and fun gameplay. As seen on TV's Body Heat and used by F1 Champions such as Jenson button Batak gives a truly fun and individual workout that is fun for all your guests. This attractions can either be wall mounted or stand alone. Full branding is available and can include as little as a small triangle section or a giant square behind as well as branded hit circles all dependant on your branding budget.

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If you have a Promotional idea or a brainchild for a marketing event we want to help make it happen our branding team have worked with 100’s of companies to provide branded arcade games to suit their exact requirements. Almost all our attractions are brand friendly and customising your game could cost a lot let than you think.

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Knock out the competition with this one! Perfect for the sports and leisure industry and great for competitions. Fully customisable we can add as little or as much as you like to suit your budget and requirements. This game works perfectly with our magnetic score board and keeps a digital score of your events top hitters for the duration of your event or exhibition.

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Perfect for branding opportunities, this classic arcade game gives the delegates at your Exhibition a chance to enjoy the worlds most famous motorbike racetracks. This game is a brilliant 2 player challenge with a choice of two demanding courses, giving you the super bike riding experience without any of the danger. Great for competitions top times available at the end of each race.

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When it comes to making an impression you would be hard pressed to find a more memorable experience than our branded photo booth. When your guests arrive they will be directed to your fully stocked props box then it’s into the booth where they can utilise a customised green screen backdrop selection and take some great snaps, once out of the booth within 30 seconds their images will be printed in fantastic quality and ready to go. There are lots of branding options with this attracting including Custom backdrops, Custom Prints and full or partial Skin Brands .

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Probably our most popular choice for Exhibitions and conferences at the moment our retro arcade games are the best on the market with over 500 games choices including all the best Classic, Fighting, Platform and Puzzle Games we are sure will with have the perfect choice for your event. All our Retros have been created with no expense spared the best game-boards, LED screens, joysticks and even buttons have been used to give the player an experience like no other. Branding is available to suit every pocket from the simple light up topflash brand to a full vinyl wrap.

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Recently returned from a UK wide tour with Samsung our Sega Rally is possibly one of the biggest crowd pullers we have ever seen at an Exhibition. The fun mix of promotional branding and a game that a whole generation know and love works seamlessly. Sega Rally gives each player a choice of track and car so it works great for competitions for example fastest lap around the desert course. This game works perfectly with our magnetic score board and keeps a digital score of your events top hitters for the duration of your event or exhibition. Lots of Branding options available from Just seatbacks or topflash to a full cosmetic brand.

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Take visiting delegates back to their youth and also give them chance to bash away their stress from the Hustle and bustle of the exhibition floor. This game lends itself so well to branding and you can create a really unique look. This game also works perfectly for competitions and we can also supply our metal leader board to keep track of the days to scores.

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Our cash cube is a very effective way to attract attention and to create a fun and exciting atmosphere at your event! The guests enter the money filled tube, the operator starts the fan and the fun begins to grab as much money or as many tokens in the time allowed. Great fun for those inside the money cube and the spectators. Cash cube is a great addition to corporate events, team building days, exhibitions, conferences and private parties. If you're hosting an exhibition for your company, having a fully branded Cash Cube can be an excellent way of attracting people to your stand and engaging with them in a fun and unpressured way.

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This compact game is great fun for exhibition stands and conferences alike challenge your guest to complete the buzz wire as fast as possible without using up there three life’s or offer head to head competitions with 2 buzz wires. The game offers a nice flat section at the front perfect for company promotion.

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Players will need steady hands and nerves of steel to take on our giant operation. Your guests will take turns removing ailments from different parts of the patient’s body without touching the sides. Make this game your own by adding custom ailments cuddly toys or promotional giveaways. The Games Giant digital timer makes it easy to track scores and decide on a top surgeon.

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Our Grabber Crane Hire is great for Product Promotion and Exhibition's and has fast become our most popular product due to its great versatility and its ability to be customised in so many ways to fit virtually any theme or requirement. These cranes are set to give the delegate the feel of achievement and fun while still getting your promotional message across. You can put just about anything into a grabber crane up to around 15cm. We have had great success in the past with prize eggs with a promotional raffle ticket inside, and you can never go wrong with a cuddly toy wearing a promotional t-shirt or Branded Bears as we like to call them. Branding can be designed to suit any pocket and we have lots of option when it comes to prizes.

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Saloon Bar Shoot Out


Who is the fastest gun in the west! Perfect for exhibitions either let your guests shoot it out for a top prize or just have a fun shootout. Easy to brand compact and great fun for players it’s the perfect game for companies in the farming industry having a Wild West theme on their stand.

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Strike The Light


This game is a fun new twist on the older Batak game, This is probably one of the most eye-catching attractions in our range with flashing neon lights and a great sound system this compact game is really the full package. The machine is very brand capable and you don’t have to be an advertising guru to think of great ways to link this game to any product. Around the size of a football table the premise of this game is to put out as many lights as possible in the 60 seconds provided whoever turns out the most lights is the winner.

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Virtually all our Games for hire can be branded to your exact specification whether you want delegates to bash away there frustrations on our Whack-A-Mole or test their reactions on our Batak or Strike The Light.

Our experienced branding team will help with every aspect of your branded arcade game hire from sending the initial branding sizes and creating a mock up to printing and applying your brand and sending over images of the finished product. Branded arcade games are perfect for exhibitions and conferences when your aim is to create maximum exposure and because you can brand different areas of a machine we are able to create branding packages to suit any pocket be it just a topflash on our Sega Rally or Retro Arcade Games or a full vinyl wrap on our Grabber Cranes or Boxing Machines.

How our Branded Arcade Games hire works...

  • Decide on the attraction you would like to hire or call/email us and we will put together a few ideas to suit your event.
  • Choose how much branding you require our team will help with this as well so you can achieve maximum impact no matter what your budget.
  • Your artwork will then be printed inhouse by our team and applied to the game you will then be send an image of the finished product.
  • Your game will then arrive at your venue fully branded and ready to go and our helpful installation crew will go though every aspect of the game with you.
  • Enjoy your game safe in the knowledge we are ready and waiting by the phone should any problems arise as well as a team-member being on call out ready to come help at a moments notice.
  • Once you've finished your game we will collected if you are booking multiple events we will even retain your branding on the machine ready for your next event.

Single Event Hire

Our most popular form of hire, great for themed events, parties and weddings. Technicians stay onsite and either do regular check-ups or stay with your attractions depending on your requirements.
Best price guarantee!

Short Term Hire

Designed for exhibitions, conferences and promotional events, your desired attraction are installed and remain at your event. One of are technicians will be on standby throughout should you need any assistance.
Additional days discounted
50%+ OFF

Contract Hire

Perfect for break rooms, chill out areas and venues trying to add in an extra revenue steam, or just rewarding their hard working employees with a chance to blow off some steam and have some fun during their break.
From as little as
£25 per week
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